Data and Statistical Code: Conservation and Evolution of

Gene Co-expression Networks in Human and Chimpanzee Brain

Oldham, M.C., Horvath, S., Geschwind, D.H.

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This article describes the statistical methods and results for the paper:

* MC Oldham, S Horvath, DH Geschwind (2006) Conservation and evolution of gene co-expression networks in human and chimpanzee brain. PNAS.

Link to paper: PNAS Webpage

The following document provide the statistical code used for generating the weighted gene co-expression network for human and chimp brain network analysis. Word version is recommended but we also post the pdf version.


News Article

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Real Data Analysis

      R-code and Statistical Analysis

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Download the following R function file, which contains several R functions needed for Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis.
  Network R functions

Human and Chimp microarray datasets
   Datasets (zipped)

A simulated gene co-expression network to illustrate the use of the topological overlap matrix for module detection

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Other material regarding weighted gene co-expression network analysis

             Weighted Gene Co-Expression Network Page

             The weighted gene co-expression network analysis method is described in Theory Paper 1: Zhang and Horvath (2005)

             For a more mathematical description of weighted gene co-expression networks consider Theory Papes: Dong and Horvath (2007, 2008)



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