Huntington's Disease Curated Composite Collection for anRichment

Jim Wang, Peter Langfelder, Mike Palazzolo

Peter (dot) Langfelder (at) gmail (dot) com

Caution: experimental package!

This package should be considered experimental. The "API" (such as it is), i.e., the function names, arguments and returned values, can and probably will change.

Huntington's Disease Curated Composite Collection for anRichment

This package contains a collection of gene sets to be used with functions from the package anRichment. This collection contains gene sets relevant to Huntington's Disease that were collected by Jim Wang and Mike Palazzolo from various literature sources. The gene sets are described in this Frontiers article.

Manual download and installation


Although the package can be installed under older R versions, we strongly recommend using the newest R version because the annotation packages are continuously updated.

The HuntingtonDiseaseCuratedCompositeCollection package requires the package anRichment, and all of its dependecies, to be installed.

R package download and installation

Package HuntingtonDiseaseCuratedCompositeCollection, last updated 2017/10/24, is available here in source form.

Installation instructions

Short installation instructions are available here.

Problems installing or using the package

Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions (and frequently given answers); the solution to your problem may already be posted there. If you find a bug in the newest version, please email Peter Langfelder.